A Late Update on Dragonfly

Just wanted to thank the volunteers that helped finally re-float Dragonfly. She was towed to a boatyard in Anacortes and then hauled out. She was beyond repair and so was crushed up.

Dragonfly now on the rocks…

Sorry to say we have lost our “Dragonfly” on the rocks of a remote island shore in the San Juan Islands. While at anchor she became the victim of an unpredictable and strong northwest wind. Still looking for a replacement volunteer support vessel.

Back in the water

dragonfly ready to go back in the water

Dragonfly is finally back in the water and anchored out at Plank Cove where a fair amount garbage is washed up on the beach. Time to start cleaning up the Salish Sea again. I would like to thank all the people that helped with donations of material and time to get the boat ready to go back in the water so we can get back on track with our long term mission of expanding our work across the Salish Sea.

Time to haul the boat out


After many upgrades and customizations during the last five years it was time to haul the boat out of the water again. Dragonfly had been through a number of storms during that time and sustained a fair amount of damage as well as a build up on her bottom of a large amount of mussels and barnacles. After a good scraping and pressure washing of the bottom she was placed on stands in dry-dock at the boatyard. With deck cleats ripped off and rails broken she was in a sad condition. Also, in the last few years dry rot on the deck has been an on-going problem making repairs a necessity. A lot of work to do over the coming months!